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Konnect is a lyrical mastermind. Born and raised in the unforgiving "Bad Lands" of North Philadelphia, his rap is clearly influenced by his surroundings. Being of Puerto Rican heritage his lyrics are laced with a unique approach to the art of Hip Hop story telling.  

Konnect is a modern day street poet with a voice that captures and entices his fans. He delivers captivating story lines that speak to the heart and soul of all hip hop fans regardless of age, gender or ethnicity. His songs are heavily armed and emotionally charged with clever word play and witty punchlines which showcases his talent as a songwriter. His rich vocal tones drive his point home...every time.

One word to describe Konnect....Resilient.  He has survived gun shot wounds,  motor vehicle accidents that left him for dead and run ins with the law  Regardless of life challenges he has risen up and turned to music to share his stories in lyric and song genius.  

He is the creative force behind the label's music and a solo headlining star in the making.