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T-360 also known as "T" to his friends was raised with unique and diverse cultural differences. His parents were Vietnamese refugees who escaped political oppression by fleeing into a Hong Kong refugee camp after the Vietnam War.  T is the first of his family's American born generation.  He was raised in North Philadelphia. 

Growing up in a diverse and urban neighborhood T was exposed to many life experiences that helped mold the driven entrepreneur into who he is today. His family had to rebuild their lives after arriving in the states.  They created a present and future under challenging circumstances. 

Now with successful businesses that are still the center of their universe, T is adding onto the empire his way.  He is a self made entrepreneur with multiple successful business interests.  His passions in life drive him so the segue to music producer and record label owner makes perfect sense to those who have had the opportunity to work with him. T-360 is an example of living the American Dream. 

His name T-360 represents the life that he lives. T is the first letter of his name and 360 is his outlook on life.  Well rounded, without boundaries while he keeps his world continually spinning. 

T-360's first artist signed to Colossal Records is longtime friend Konnect, who is also from the same neighborhood in North Philly.  Together they are the dynamic force behind Colossal Records.